FootJoy DNA DryJoys Next Advancement

For a look at FootJoy’s newest shoe release customers can visit and check out DNA DryJoys Next Advancement.  The shoe was designed with the serious golfer in mind providing a more customized fit that is more comfortable for your feet.  The enhancements made to the shoe such as lighter weight, Snugfit Tongue, Microvent Technology, 3D Foam Collar, Supple Chromoskin leather, and other features take into consideration the tremendous amount of walking that golfers do.  Each facet of the new DNA shoe help to protect and provide comfort to your feet.

The Feel Advanced website does more than advertise the new FootJoy shoe though, it also highlights some awesome training drills that most professional golfers do to produce a more powerful golf swing.  There are a series of 5 exercise videos on the site showing how the top golfers in the world are able to produce the power they often exhibit on the course when they consistently hit over 300 yard drives.  Dr. Greg Rose from the Titleist Performance Institute walks you through these drills that you can do yourself to help add strength and speed to your golf swing.

You will also get to see a behind the scenes look at how the DNA DryJoys are made as well as a few endorsements from other pro golfers.  They seem to like the way the shoes feel on their feet after spending lots of time walking during a round of golf.  To learn more about the shoe please visit click HERE.



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