Free 30 Day Trial of Kerry Gaynor Method

Are you thinking about quitting smoking?  Have you tried other methods such as e-cigarettes, gum, or patches but to no avail?  If you’re still determined to beat the smoking habit and need a program that works consider the Kerry Gaynor Method.  The Kerry Gaynor Method is a unique approach to kicking the habit without the need for prescriptions but instead utilizes taped therapy sessions loaded onto 3 one-hour DVD’s that has instructions for viewers to follow.  Kerry Gaynor is a renowned hypnotherapist who utilizes his training to subconsciously change the way people view smoking which ultimately helps them decide to quit.

Gaynor typically uses in-person therapy sessions to treat his clients but has made his training sessions available to clients on DVD which have proven to be effective for years now.  Currently customers can take advantage of a 30 day free trial offer to receive the KG Method program online by visiting  Customers who purchase the product will receive three DVD’s which are recommended to be watched 5 to 7 days apart.  The DVD’s are based on therapy and hypnotherapy which can be watched at your lesiure.

Also included with the package is a KGM app that will guide users through the program by giving helpful reminders synced with your phone’s calendar.  The app also tracks the amount of money you’ve saved by not buying cigarettes, the number of cigarettes you haven’t smoked, and calculates the amount of tar your body has been spared.  A Supplemental CD is another part of the program that assists users that have completed the program who may be struggling afterwards.

To encourage customers to try the program there is an initial 30 day trial offer that only requires customers to pay the shipping and handling costs of $5.95.  After the trial period is over if they are satisfied with the program they can keep it and begin making payments towards the purchase of the program at 3 monthly payments of $29.95.  There is a 60 day money back guarantee that begins the day you receive your package.

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