Get a 12 Week Wall Street Journal Subscription for $12

If you’ve always wanted to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal now is a great time to sign up.  The newspaper has a new promotional called $12 for 12 Weeks that is offering a 6 day paper delivery including web access.  The $12 for 12 Weeks promotional has three different packages available for new customers to choose from which are the Ultimate Package ($32.99), Classic Package($28.99), and Digital Package($28.99).

The Ultimate Package and Classic Package are very similar packages where customers will receive a 6 day paper delivery including, Wall Street Journal membership, web access, and smartphone app allowing you to have access everywhere you go.  The difference between the two packages is the Classic Package does not have a tablet edition unlike the Ultimate Package.  The 3rd option is the Digital Package that does not offer 6 day delivery but offers the other services (membership, smartphone, tablet, and web access).

Depending on your reading preferences customers can decide on which package they prefer and take advantage of the 12 week promotional to receive the Wall Street Journal.  After the 12 week period expires they will be obligated to pay the regular rates for monthly subscription.  During the 12 weeks customers will have an opportunity to experience the newspaper content on paper or web to see how they enjoy it.

To get started with your $12 for 12 Weeks subscription visit and complete the online registration.  You will need to enter your credit card information and agree with their subscriber agreement.

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