Get a Purpose Reloadable Visa Debit Card

With identity theft and credit card hacking on the rise more people are using alternative methods for making purchases and paying bills such as Visa debit cards/prepaid cards.  Prepaid cards protect customer’s private bank accounts from fraud as they don’t have to rely on transactions coming and going from their personal accounts as much but can instead use prepaid cards similarly.  This is one reason why many consumers have switched to prepaid cards such as the Purpose Card.

The Purpose Card is very similar to a typical bank debit card but does not require consumers to go through an application process.  Unlike banks who decide based on a good credit score if you’re selected to become a member of their financial institution, prepaid cards only require you to load your card with money and begin using it.  There are no stipulations or requirements to hold applicants back from being accepted.

A Purpose Card with a Visa logo enables consumers to make purchases online, pay bills, sign up for direct deposit, save money, add money, earn cash back, earn rewards, etc.  It has all the features of a typical credit card but with more safety features to prevent over spending.  Cardholders can only spend what they have deposited on their card unless they are enrolled in the optional overdraft protection services.

To receive a Purpose Card consumers can visit any of the 130,000 locations around the U.S. that has the cards on their store shelves.  To quickly find a retailer visit and utilize the Find Nearby Locations feature to locate the nearest Purpose Card retailer in your area.  When you locate the retailer stop by and pick up a card then take it to the cashier during checkout and load money onto the card.  Once the card has been funded it is ready to use.

Concerning fees associated with the Purpose Card there are 3 plans available for customers to choose from which are the Pay-As-You-Go Plan, Monthly Plan, and Annual Plan.  The Pay-As-You-Go Plan has no monthly fee and you only pay fees for the services you use at the time you use them.  The Monthly Plan costs $7.98 and allows cardholders to have unlimited signature and PIN purchases.  The Annual Plan costs $59.98 with unlimited signature and PIN purchases.

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