Get Educated on the Stand Your Ground Law

During the past year gun ownership in the US has increased dramatically due to the threat of stricter gun laws particularly as a result of Florida with the last two high profile murder cases involving the death of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis where the Stand Your Ground law really took center stage for the defendants.  As a result of these highly publicized stories gun sales have increased but does the average gun buyer fully understand their current gun rights and the Stand Your Ground law?

Buying a gun nowadays requires everyone to become more educated about our Second Amendment rights.  You need to fully understand how to protect yourself after you purchase your gun physically and legally.  For these reasons the US Law Shield is inviting you out to an upcoming seminar where you will learn your legal rights pertaining to firearms and self-defense.  These events are hosted by gun passionate attorneys who are eager to teach you the ins and outs of the law.

At the Free Gun Report website you can see when and where the next US Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Program seminar will be taking place.  You can sign up to attend the event at the site as well as input your email address to receive a free download of the special report “Murder or Self-Defense – The Law of Stand Your Ground.

When you include your email address you will also notice in your mail on a weekly basis a free report called the Gun Law Gazette which is a valuable resource for you to have.  It will contain gun law information from attorneys as wells as special videos and news information.  To learn more about the upcoming seminar please visit the link HERE.



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