Get Free Trial Transitions Decals

Do you wear Transitions lenses?  If you’ve never considered wearing Transitions lenses take a second to learn how they could be beneficial to you.  The reason why so many eyeglass wearers are switching to Transition lenses is because of their convenience and how they immediately react to sunlight to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Without you having to do anything these lenses will darken as UV rays hit the lenses thus shielding your eyes.  There is no need to grab your sunglasses when you walk outside because these lenses will accomplish the same task as sunglasses.  Have you ever seen someone with normal glasses and as soon as they walk outside their lenses immediately darken?  It’s a good chance they are wearing Transition lenses.

If you’ve never considered upgrading your glasses with Transitions at least take advantage of the free trial offer at which allows you to test the effectiveness of these lenses by using trial decals.  How do the trial decals work?  You simply place the decals inside your regular eyeglasses and just wear them as normal while they demonstrate how regular Transition lenses work.

The decals will react the same way to UV light as normal Transition lenses and you’ll receive a firsthand preview.  Anyone interested in trying the decals please visit the link below and select the GET A FREE TRIAL button or GET FREE DECALS button and start the registration process.  You will need to answer a few questions about your vision and if you are a current eyeglass wearer.

Once you’ve completed the sign up form you will be shipped out the decals to the mailing address you specify on the form.  Take the time to review the testimonials on the site to get more insight on these decals.



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