Get Free Xtra Deep Clean Brush with X Out Order

If you’re a teenager looking for a product that will treat acne breakouts consider X Out which is one of Guthy Renker’s best selling acne brands along with Proactiv.  X Out is sold online and packaged as kits which each perform differently depending on the type of acne you’re trying to treat.  Currently customers can take advantage of an offer to receive a free Xtra Deep Cleaning Brush which is a bonus gift with their initial order.  The special deal can be found at

At the order site customers can select from three individual kits that are advertised on the website.  The three kits are the X Out Body Kit, Shine Kit, and Basic Kit.  The Body Kit is especially for individuals who are dealing with body acne including facial acne.  It comes with an invisible spot treatment and an acne-fighting body scrub.  The X Out Shine Kit is specifically for people with oily shiny skin.  It comes with a Shine Control treatment along with the regular acne fighting formula.  The core product in the catalog is the Basic Kit which is a 1 step acne solution with 3 functions including acne cleanser, mask treatment, and spot treatment.

The price for the Body and Shine Kit is $29.95 per month and the Basic Kit is $19.95 monthly.  Customers can select a 1 month supply of X Out or a 3 month supply with their order.  The 3 month supply automatically charges $29.95 per month to your credit card and at the end of each 3 months you will be sent a new 90 day shipment.  All first orders include the free bonus gift of the Xtra Deep Clean Brush and free shipping.

All orders come with a 60 day money back guarantee which allows customers to try the product out and if for some reason they aren’t satisfied with the results they can return the product for a complete refund.

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