Get in Shape with Focus T25 Workouts

Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?  Do you think it’s possible without a gym membership?  Of course it is if you hookup with Shaun T in his brand new workout program called Focus T25.  What you get with this condensed workout program is an hour’s worth of results in 25 minutes of intense exercise.  Isn’t this what you’re looking for, a better way?

You’ve seen Shaun T before, he’s the guy with the ripped abs and body who has helped millions of people already get into shape with his Insanity DVD’s, Hip Hop Abs, and now Focus T25.  He understands that the gym is not for everybody but most people want to receive gym type results but within the comfort of their home.  He also understands that not everyone has the time to devote over an hour of exercise but they do have 25 minutes.

With Focus T25 all you will need to devote is 25 minutes per day 5 days a week and you will begin to see a massive transformation in your body.  The type of training you will be introduced to is high intensity cardio, strength training, and core training.  It is a complete full body workout that will produce visible results in your chest, shoulders, abs, legs, arms, and back.  Not only will you get toned but you will burn off those unwanted pounds and get down to the weight you’ve always dreamed about.

What comes with Focus T25?  The program is broken into 2 training categories which are the Alpha Cycle and Beta Cycle.  The beginning cycle is the Alpha Cycle which you will receive five 25 minute workout DVD’s for foundational training.  After 5 weeks you will begin the Beta Cycle workout DVD’s which consists of 5 videos.

There are bonus gifts for customers which include a quick start guide, nutrition plan, wall calendar, stretch workout DVD, pro-grade resistance band, 5 Day Fast Track, and online support.  The price of the program is 3 monthly payments of $39.95.  To learn more about getting your own DVD’s sent to your home visit the link HERE.



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