Get Instant Curls With Tulip Auto Curler

Instyler has created a new product called Tulip Auto Curler that will produce instant perfect curls within seconds.  No longer do you have to work hard to curl your hair but now with Tulip you can get great looking curls without any effort.  The device is so simple to use only requiring you to grab a section of hair, place it inside Tulip, press a button, and release.  The product will do all the work usually taking 5 to 10 seconds to produce wonderful perfect curls.

With the Tulip can you imagine how much time you’ll save styling your hair?  You can give yourself the same type curls that your personal hair stylist normally creates but right in the comfort of your home.  The product has easy to understand settings so you can receive the best results.  Depending on your hair texture you can choose from 3 temperature settings; high, medium, and low.  The low setting is for fine hair and the higher temperatures are for thicker hair.

There is another setting (rotation settings) users can choose from which are Automatic, Left, and Right.  This will allow you to create your curls in a left or right fashion or alternate under the Automatic setting.  For tighter curls it will require more curling time which can be adjusted accordingly.

If you’re curious about how this product will work on your hair consider the limited time offer for first time customers.  With your purchase you will receive a second Tulip for free and have 30 days to try them.  If after using the product you aren’t satisfied then return them and receive a full refund.

Currently included in the limited time offer deal customers can take advantage of the monthly payment plan of $14.99 for the first month and $39.99 per month over the following 3 months.  With your initial payment you can receive both products to try out for 30 days.

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