Get One Month Free Payroll Processing

Small businesses looking for a full-service payroll provider can depend on the services of Paychex, Inc.  The company has over 40 years experience taking the payroll load off of business owners so they can be freed up to concentrate on other areas of their business.  As a Paychex client you will enjoy services such as the Paychex Flex platform which allows companies secure access to their payroll information.  Another plus for clients is the use of employee self service options through the use of mobile apps which will allow employees to review and monitor their own payroll information online.

If payroll processing is taking up too much of your time or if you’re not as organized as you’d like to be consider the services of Paychex.  Potential clients of Paychex can take advantage of a free month of payroll processing by calling 1-801-663-5803 or by visiting ( and completing the online form.  To get started you will only need to fill in your name, email address, phone number, company name, address, zip code, and number of employees.  After you’ve entered in this information your contact information will be received by a Paychex representative and you’ll be contacted soon with further instructions on getting started.

Other features new clients will have access to is the assistance of a dedicated Payroll Specialist.  Whenever you need questions answered or need a possible walk through of certain payroll functions a specialist is always on hand for you to communicate with and get the help you need.  Assistance is available to clients anytime of the day including after hours.  A team of Paychex professionals are reachable after hours to assist you with problems and help ensure your payroll processes run smoothly.  

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