Get Prepared for Emergencies With Wise Emergency Food

Most people live in areas around the country or world where there is the potential for an emergency that could make it very difficult to get access to food.  There are major storms and disasters including economic hardships that could literally cut off your food supply if you’re depending on the grocery stores to be there when you need food.  The Wise Company has made it possible for anyone to be ready during an emergency by supplying customers with quality prepared foods or emergency food.

The food that the Wise Company supplies has a shelf life of 25 years and only requires hot water to prepare and eat.  They offer their customers emergency food supply kits that are enough to feed their entire family that comes in a 30 day supply.  The food is arranged by portions and is stored in pouches which can be kept in the box they are shipped in anywhere in your home.  There is no stove or oven needed to prepare the food and they are nutritious delicious meals created by chefs.

With the 30 day supply of food you will receive 112 total servings.  Some of the dishes that are available are brown sugar & maple multi-grain cereal, apple cinnamon cereal, crunchy granola, chicken flavored noodle soup, tomato basil soup, creamy pasta & vegetable rotini, southwest rice & beans, and more.

Customers can try a 1 month kit under the current television offer and receive 112 servings for $33.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee that allows customers to return the shipment if they are not satisfied.  For customers that are satisfied with the order they can keep the kit and pay the remaining balance on the kit of 2 more payments at $33 each.  As a free bonus customers will also receive Wise Fire the Ultimate Emergency Fuel that is used for starting emergency fires.



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