Get the All-Purpose Ninja Mega Kitchen System

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is an all purpose kitchen appliance that is multi-functional combining the utility of several kitchen appliances all in one unique kitchen system.  You have the options for a blender, food processor, create single servings, blending, juicing, dough mixing, and more all within the uniqueness of this one individual product.  If you are looking for a way to reduce the number of appliances in your kitchen then consider the usefulness of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System.

The first step in recognizing what is wonderful about this kitchen system is all of the individual pieces that makeup the Ninja.  It comes with the extra large 72 oz pitcher that is a multi-tasking pitcher that is specially designed with a superior blade system which creates a powerful vortex that enhances the blending experience.

The single serve blending cups utilize the same power of the full-size blender.  The cups are placed on power base and are used to create frozen drinks or blend fruits and vegetables to create your favorite juice to go.  The 8 cup processor bowl is another key piece in the Ninja Kitchen System.  It has a capacity to hold 8 cups and is aided with a four stacked blade system for fast dough mixing.

Other items that are included with this system are an extra large 64 oz processor bowl with its own blade assembly, dough blade attachment, 2 single serve blending cups, and to go lids.  Additionally you will also receive The Healthy Living Guide, Healthy Highlights, Fit for Foods Chart, and 2 Minute Motivations.  The entire system comes with a 5 year VIP warranty that is full-service ensuring if you have any problems with your system you can get it fixed or receive a replacement unit.

There is an affordable payment plan for customers to take advantage of which is 4 payments of $44.95 for 4 months or you can make a one-time payment of $179.80.  To learn more about this offer please visit the link HERE.



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