Get the Brazil Butt Lift Workout

Most women are looking for that perfect body and having sculpted arms, shoulders, and legs just isn’t enough…they also want a better BEHIND too.  The question is, “So how do I change the way my BEHIND looks?”  Leandro Carvalho has created an excellent workout program called the Brazil Butt Lift Workout that specifically targets all the muscles in your BEHIND to help reshape and tone it up.

There are three regions that make up your gluteus maximus which are the medius, maximus, and minimus.  In this workout system Leandro targets all three regions through his Triangle Training method that works each region from various angles.  The exercises he introduces are designed to train those muscles which will cause them to tone up, lift, and become more shapely helping to give you a more desirable buttocks region.

What is great about the Brazil Butt Lift workout system is it is mixed with Brazilian styled dancing, cardio, and lower body sculpting moves.  While you are having fun dancing to the music and following along with the workouts you will be working your gluteal muscles from every angle.

New customers interested in trying the program will receive 6 workouts on 3 DVD’s.  They will also receive bonus items including a 60 day booty makeover guide, meal plan, triangle training workout cards, wall calendar, booty makeover calendar, and free shorts.  The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied.  Customers can take advantage of the payment plan option of 2 months for $19.95.



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