Get the Dyson DC59 Animal for 6 Monthly Payments

The newest innovation in vacuums is the cordless vacuum.  People are looking for an easier solution to cleaning their floors rather than tugging on the traditional upright vacuum and dealing with the limitations of a cord.  A cordless vacuum is very ideal but will it have the suction power to do an effective job of cleaning our carpets?  Dyson has solved this problem with their new cordless digital slim vacuum called the Dyson DC59 Animal.

Dyson DC59 Vacuum Highlights

  • Intelligent cleaning modes designed for a range of tasks.
  • Up to 60 minutes of fade-free power in Eco mode.
  • LCD screen reports run time and machine performance.
  • Automatically adapts suction between different floor types.
  • High torque Cleaner Head, the most powerful cleaner head.

dyson dc59

The Power of the DC59 – It’s Special Feature

For anyone concerned about its power it has three times the suction power of any other cordless vacuum on the market.  It is powered by the Dyson digital V6 motor that is smaller than most other vacuum motors but yields a boost of 350W performance.  It is the most powerful vacuum in its class while utilizing 15 cyclones that are used to increase airflow and generate high centrifugal forces.

DC59 Vacuum Cleans All Floor Types

The DC59 vacuum was designed for cleaning your carpets and easy transitioning to your hard surface floors.  It utilizes a Carbon Fiber Cleaner Head Technology that drive the bristles deeper into the carpet along with a newly configured brush bar with carbon fiber filaments to help remove dust from hard surface floors.  It also comes with better maneuverability through the improvement of the V-Ball technology that increases its turning radius.

Dyson Animal Transforms Into a Handheld Unit

When you start your cleaning process in your home you can easily use the Animal to clean your carpets, hard surface floors, ceiling fans, windows, furniture, draperies, stairs, and more.  It easily transforms into a handheld unit that will deliver the same cleaning power to any area of your home or cars that needs a quick yet powerful cleaning.

Dyson DC59 TV Offer

The best part about the DC59 vacuum is there is a TV offer that will allow customers to receive the Animal for 6 monthly payments of $83.33.  Along with the vacuum you will receive a mini motorized tool, docking station, combination tool, crevice tool, free multi-tasker kit, and free shipping.  Inside of the free multi-tasker kit is an articulating hard floor tool, multi-angle brush, and handy storage bag.

If you are looking for a lightweight, powerful, yet easy to use vacuum in your home then the Dyson DC59 Animal is ideal.  You won’t have to deal with any cords nor vacuum bags because common with Dyson vacuums they utilize No Loss of Suction technology.  To learn more about the various features on this product please visit the link HERE.


Dyson DC59

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