Get the Ninja Cooking System

Start creating meals faster and easier with the new Ninja Cooking System.  This kitchen appliance allows you to cook an entire meal in one pot and offers 3 additional ways to prepare your meals including steam infused roasting, slow cooking, and steam infused baking.  Each method of cooking is performed inside the Ninja Cooking System pot which is a revolutionary way of preparing meals.  Typically more than one pot or pan is needed to prepare an entire meal for the family but the NCS has totally changed this process.

The one pot meal making is a huge attraction for the NCS as every ingredient that is needed for a meal can be put in the pot and cooked together.  There is no need to defrost frozen foods before putting them in the pot as they can be added together with the other foods and cooked perfectly and quickly.  Frozen ingredients can be cooked within 30 minutes or so and ready to eat.

The steam infused roasting feature steam cooks your meals up to 30% faster than most conventional ovens.  The NCS has a collection area at the bottom of the container that collects excess fat that drips from food as it is steam cooked.  This produces juicier and moister meats which are more enjoyable to eat.

The slow cooking option allows you to reheat foods easily by combining all ingredients inside the pot.  It also has the characteristics of a stovetop allowing you to sear and sauté your foods.  The last cooking feature with the NCS is steam baking which is great for cakes and desserts.

What comes with the Ninja Cooking System?  It comes with the actual cooking system, Ninja Roasting Rack, Ninja Multipurpose Baking Pan, Ninja Deluxe Package, 5 year guarantee, free shipping/handling, and a 60 day money back guarantee.  It can be purchased for a one-time payment of $199.80 or through the monthly payment plan option of 5 payments at $39.95.

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