Get the Purpose Reloadable Visa Debit Card

With today’s world of identity theft and credit card breaches at major retail outlets more people are considering alternative ways of making their purchases without putting their personal bank account information at risk.  The idea of using a reloadable debit card such as the Purpose Card for purchases is catching on with many people to protect their money and shop online safely.

The Purpose Card is a great financial tool especially for anyone who may have difficulty getting a checking account with a credit union or bank.  They can instead opt to manage their money using one of these cards which does not limit their buying power but simplifies paying bills.  With the Visa logo this card is accepted in most places and can be used just like any other credit card except you only spend what you have deposited on the card.

To get started with getting your own Purpose Card customers can pick up one at a retailer nearest you.  At the Purpose website there is a retailer locator which allows users to input their address or zip code and it will display stores in your area that offer the card.  When you pick up your card you can add money to the card at the cashier.

Once money has been added to the card it can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.  As a reloadable card users can continuously add money to their card in several ways, by bringing cash to any of the 130,000 reload locations around the country, setting up direct deposit through your employer, or transferring cash from another Purpose cardholder to your card.

There are several plan options for customers with different needs for this card.  The Pay-As-You-Go Plan is for customers who infrequently use the card.  There are no monthly fees associated with this plan but instead they can expect to pay fees for each individual use of the card such as a $1.00 Signature Purchase Transaction Fee.

Customers who plan to use their card on a regular basis can opt for the monthly or annual plans.  The only difference between both plans is there fee schedule which is a monthly fee and an annual fee.  Both plans are the same in their features as you receive unlimited signature and PIN purchases.

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