Get the Samsung Galaxy S5 with T-Mobile

The hottest phone on the market right now is the Samsung Galaxy S5 and T-Mobile customers can take advantage of their opportunity to get their hands on it.  The phone has a retail price of $660 but customers can receive the phone today for no money down and begin making monthly payments of $27.50 for 2 years.

This feature is a part of the T-Mobile Jump program that allows customers to upgrade their phone for a newer phone.  The Jump program has a $10 monthly fee but for customers who love upgrading from old to new this is an opportunity to make small monthly payments versus paying the full retail price upfront.

The new Samsung S5 phone has new features including a 5.1” high definition display for enhanced viewing when watching movies or playing games.  The personal fingerprint scanner allows users to unlock their phone by simply touching it.  The onboard camera has been upgraded with 16 Megapixels and fast autofocus.

For exercise enthusiasts the phone has a built-in heart monitor that syncs with the S Health app allowing you to track your activity so you can monitor your body in real time.  If you’ve seen the commercials perhaps the most notable upgrade to the Samsung S5 is its waterproof design.  It will continue to work after getting wet so you don’t have to worry about that problem anymore.

The phone uses Android 4.4.2 (Kit Kat) with a 2.5GHz Quad Core processor and users can talk up to 29 hours before needing a charge.  It also has 2GB Ram, 16GB ROM, and 128GB Expandable Memory Slot.



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