Get the Shark Rocket Ultra-light Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Shark, one of the most advertised vacuum brands, has released their all new ultra-light upright vacuum called the Shark Rocket.  Similar to the Dyson DC 59 Animal in design its aim is to take the place of the original upright vacuum while offering the same deep cleaning power that customers expect with a traditional upright.  The best part about the Shark Rocket is its lightweight design that many users find convenient to use.

Just by looking at the Rocket many people would question its ability to provide deep cleaning power but the Shark brand is notorious for their deep clean products.  It also has tremendous maneuverability when objects such as furniture are in the way.  You are able to steer effortlessly around or underneath furniture with the design of the enhanced swivel steering to ensure your carpets are as clean as you can get them.

Another staple with Shark vacuums is their versatility to clean more than one type of surface in your home.  The Rocket has the ability to clean hard surface floors which extend to your kitchen, bathrooms, wooden floors, etc.  As you’re cleaning your carpets you can continue on to the next room with easy transition.

The Rocket will also detach from the original design to be used as a portable cleaner that can be transported around your home to clean other areas.  There is no area in your home that can hide from a portable cleaner especially if you attach the right cleaning accessory to the end.  You can now ensure that your drapes, blinds, stairs, vents, furniture, ceiling fans, and more will stay clean.

Customers will love how lightweight the Rocket is weighing in at only 8 pounds.  Its lightweight design is great for maneuvering with one hand or two hands.  It also has an extended 32 foot cord that is long enough to go from room to room from one outlet.

As with all Shark products customers can order online and receive a VIP Lifetime warranty.  It also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee allowing customers to try it before fully buying it.  To learn more about how this vacuum will make cleaning your home more enjoyable please click HERE.



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