Get the Triple Action Fast Burner Trainer

The Triple Action Fast Burner Trainer is the latest advance in in-home fitness equipment that will provide you a full body workout on one single machine.  The TAFBT is like a “smart punching bag” that offers users a high intense workout through the use of interactive video training.  The video training utilizes personal trainer techniques along with pre-programmed training rounds with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

The TAFBT allows you to enter your own profile and set some workout goals.  To help you reach your goals you can select a workout plan in Circuit Training, Interval Rounds, or one on one with an avatar.  At the end of each session you’re provided a workout analysis to see how you performed and how you’re progressing.  All of your workout data is saved each time you workout.  Just like with any video game depending on how you perform dictates whether or not you can advance to the next level or workout intensity.

It’ll be hard to get bored with the Triple Action Fast Burner with all the options available.  Workouts can be customized by selecting your own training.  Family members can compete with one another by viewing each other’s profile information.  Software upgrades are provided to update training to continue the enjoyment of your workouts.

By doing the circuit training, cardio workouts, and strike training users will experience better endurance, stronger more toned arms, legs, and abs, and you’ll burn more calories leading to weight loss.  To learn more about the TAFBT visit  There are available 0% financing options as well as free delivery and home installation.  Complete the short form on the site and a representative will contact you with more information.

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