Get the XStep TM 60 Day System

The XStep is an advanced air powered stepper created to give you a high cardio workout while sculpting and toning your entire body.  It will work out your buns, hips, thighs, abs, and provide high intense training.  If you follow the 60 day program you will experience the weight loss you’ve always hoped for, lose the inches from your waist and hips, and sculpt your abs like never before.

The X-Step is an innovative stepper that uses Bi-Directional Air Power technology that works your legs in two different ways for every step you take on the stepper which are up/down and in/out.  This design allows you to exercise your inner and outer legs.  As a result of this workout strategy you will receive maximum effort in your inner and outer thighs as well as buns.  In those three areas of your body you will become leaner and more sculpted.

Depending on your size and weight the X-Step is designed with a sturdy metal frame capable of supporting up to 300 lbs.  You won’t have to worry about sliding off the pedals because they are made extra long for most people to feel comfortable with.

In addition to the X-Step are the X-Cords that are attached to the side of the equipment.  They will be used to help exercise your arms and legs for doing squats and bicep curls.  It also comes with a resistance dial so you can increase the difficulty of the workout.

When you purchase the X-Step you will receive the actual stepper that comes fully assembled.  It also comes with 5 DVD’s, full function training computer, nutrition plan, owner’s manual, 10 day jump start diet, app for your smart phone, and 2 bonus gifts.

The entire program is available under a payment plan of 4 monthly payments of $39.95 each.  Your order is also covered under a 60 day money back guarantee.



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