Get Your BET Control Prepaid Debit MasterCard

Are you looking into getting a prepaid MasterCard?  Are you unsure on which type of prepaid card to get?  The Control Prepaid MasterCard is an ideal prepaid debit card for someone looking for a smarter alternative to banking.  There are some interesting features to the Control card that are very attractive including no overdraft fees, no late fees, no accumulated or added interest charges, and no credit check needed.  Each person that applies for a Control card is 100% guaranteed approval.

If those features described above are enough to convince you to apply for a card then visit the Control Card website and complete the short order form on the homepage.  You will only need to enter your name, street address, zip code, and email address.  Once you’ve completed the online form a card will be sent to your home and you can follow the instructions to activate it online.  Once activated you can apply funds to it and begin using it.

There are over 100,000 funding centers nationally with one definitely near you to use for uploading cash to your card.  Anywhere the MasterCard logo is accepted you can use your card there for purchases.  The good thing about this card is you only spend what you’ve deposited on the card.  If your balance runs short it won’t cover a purchase that exceeds your balance, simply your attempt to purchase the item will be denied.  This keeps you from having to worry about any additional fees such as over the limit fees that credit cards charge.

There are some nice features inside your Control card account that you will find helpful to managing your finances.  Free budgeting tools are offered which will help you get started in using a budget as well as mobile alerts to inform you of any account limits you may have set.  After you’ve setup your account take the time to check out all the options that are available to you.

More consumers are looking to prepaid cards for shopping online and paying bills.  With identity theft increasing people are beginning to take greater measures to protect their privacy.  With a Control MasterCard you have an alternative way to conduct business online and use your card anyway you see fit without having to expose any of your financial information.



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