Helzberg Diamonds Online Bill Payment

The Helzberg Diamonds Online Customer Care Center is a convenient online service for customers to access their account and manage all of their account related activity online.  With the online service there is no need to depend on paper statements to arrive in the mail on a monthly basis.  Customer online accounts provide customers with access to see their statements online, view their balances, review their history, and make payments.

To access your online account customers you will first need to complete the enrollment process which requires your account number, social security number, email address, creation of username/password, and options for you to sign up for certain email alerts.  The email alerts will inform you of when your new statement is available for viewing inside your account, when your most recent payment has been posted, and an alert reminding you of missed payments.

One of the most convenient uses of the online account service is paying your bill.  Customers have different options on how to pay their bill including one-time payments every month on the due date or they can setup recurring payments.  There are options to pay via bank draft or through the use of other credit cards on your scheduled due date.

All of your transactions and payment dates are recorded inside your account for you to view anytime.  You can go back in history to review this information just in case you may have questions or concerns.  It’s a good idea as well to sign up for paperless email and statement delivery so you can receive this information via your email account in electronic form only.

To find the login page to the customer care center fast every time bookmark the page so you can click HERE and be directed right to your login screen.



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