Helzberg Diamonds Private Account Online Payment

Customers of Helzberg Diamonds with a private account can access their account online at the Helzberg Diamonds Private Account Payment site.  Users of the site must first register through the registration link on the site and create a User ID and Password in order to gain entrance and review their account.  The site is primarily used by customers to review all of their account related activity and for making one-time payments or setting up recurring payments.

Customers should take full advantage of the online service as they can review their account on a regular basis 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  There is no need to depend on paper invoices or statements to arrive in the mail to keep you informed of your account status when you have available the online account service.  You can simply login at any time of the day and receive an accurate reflection of your account.

When making payments it is important you understand the amount of interest you are being charged so you’ll realize how fast or slow your total balance will decrease.  Making just the minimum monthly payment won’t do a lot to decreasing your balance but it will keep your account in good standing.  Always consider making more than the minimum payment so much of your payment will go towards your actual balance instead of interest.

With a private account it is necessary to monitor your available credit limit to ensure you have enough credit available to make your next purchase.  Once your credit limit has been reached you won’t be able to spend over that set amount.  If you are interested in increasing that amount you will need to inquire about the increase.  There are times when your credit limit will be adjusted up or down without notice.



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