– Access Work Schedule Online

Dollar Tree Associates can access their work schedule online by visiting the Compass Mobile Dollar Tree website.  The site is an extension of the Dollar Tree website as it allows employees to enter their login credentials and view their work schedule for the upcoming work week as it is released by their supervisors.

Compassmobile Dollartree Portal Access

Employees of Dollar Tree can begin accessing this website anytime to check what days they’re scheduled to work next.  Here is a simple guide to logging on:

***Your login credentials are the same you use to clock in and out at work

  • Click the green Login button

After logging in you will have access to your weekly work schedule.  You can monitor any changes your supervisor makes to your schedule by logging in to the site from your home computer, public computer, or mobile devices.

Utilizing the site is a convenient way for Dollar Tree Associates to keep up with their schedule when not at work.  While they’re out they can simply use their smartphone or mobile devices to login and check when they’re scheduled to work again or look back on days they’ve already worked.

View Paystubs and Yearly W-2’s

After accessing your work schedule Dollar Tree Associates may want to view their paystub online.  There is a separate website (not and link setup for that via paperlessemployee.  From that site employees can manage their withholding forms, direct deposit, and make edits to their address.  Here are instructions for accessing your paystub info:

  • Visit

If you don’t already have an online account you can follow these instructions:

Under Create an Account click the green Create Account button and on the next page enter the following info:

  • Employee ID

**You can find your employee ID number on your paystub statement

  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Click the green Authenticate & Create Account button

You will need to create your login credentials and security protocols.  After you’ve gone through the enrollment process you can then enter in your User ID and password to access your account.

Associate Information Center

More employee information and links can be found at the Dollar Tree Associate Information Center.  There are links to all of the online resources that employees will find helpful such as:

Employment Verification Information –

Employee Benefits and Enrollment –

Career Opportunities –


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