– Electronic Paystub Guide

The Trubridge Electronic Paystubs portal available for employees to access at is the online destination for company employees to view their paystubs and W-2’s. The website is available for employees to login to 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

First Time Users at Trubridge Paystub

Employees that are using the Trubridge Paystubs website for the first time will need to register before logging in.  Here are some instructions for getting started:

  • Locate the “New user?” link on the homepage and select
  • From the New User Registration page enter the hospital code which you should already have provided by your employer
  • Enter your employee number
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your social security number
  • Enter your email address
  • Check the email notification box
  • Select Register

After going through the registration process and creating your login credentials (User ID and password) you will be able to access your online account to view your paystub.  

Forget Trubridge Paystub Login Info

Users that forget their User ID or password can utilize the self-help feature for resetting this information.  The “Forgot your User ID or Password” link on the homepage can be utilized for assistance.  

  • Select Forgot your User ID or Password
  • From the Reset User ID and Password page enter employee number
  • Enter company #
  • Enter social security #
  • Enter email address
  • Select Reset

When resetting login credentials it will require the creation of a new User ID and password.  If the self help feature does not resolve your issue then you will need to contact Paystub Trubridge at 1-877-543-3635 or contact the Internet Call Management System accessible from

Trubridge Electronic Pay Stubs Info

Employees that utilize the portal will have access to Trubridge electronic paystubs only.  You will no longer require paper paystubs that are typically printed and mailed to your home.  The online paystubs are identical to the paper paystubs providing the same payroll info including hours worked, deductions, taxes withheld, etc.  Users can also view and download their W-2 when it becomes available inside your account.


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