– Pay Your Auto Loan Online

Auto loan customers of American Credit Acceptance can utilize the ACA Customer Login Portal to access their loan account and make an online payment.  The customer portal is free to use for customers and is available 24 hours a day.  It is a convenient way for customers to pay their car payment without having to visit a Walmart or Western Union location to pay by Moneygram or through a Western Union form.  Customers can avoid all the unnecessary fees that are applied to these services by simply paying online.

First time users of the ACA login portal will need to register for an online account by visiting (  There is a Self Registration link on the homepage of the site that users will need to complete to setup their online account.  You will need to input your Office Identification Code and account number which are highlighted on your statement.  Users will also need to create a username and password.  Once you’ve completed the registration process the site is fully available for you to use anytime.

When making online payments customers can make one time payments each month prior to the due date.  Payments are electronically deducted from your personal bank account which you’ll setup inside your account.  If you want to make the payment process easier you can utilize the recurring payment feature which will automatically deduct your car payment from your bank account on a certain date each month.

Payments that are made prior to 8pm Eastern standard time will post to your account the same day.  Any payments made after 8pm Eastern standard time will post to your account the following business day.  Any questions customers may have about their account can be submitted to customer service either by phone or by using the Customer Service contact form located on American Credit Acceptance website.

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