– Capital One Platinum MasterCard

Credit card customers interested in rebuilding their credit or shopping for their very first credit card can consider the Capital One Platinum MasterCard.  Candidates for this credit card should have received a pre-approval letter in the mail directing them to to apply for the card online.  This is an exclusive offer to receive a good starter credit card but it has to be applied for by the expiration date which is noted on the pre-approval letter.

How to apply for Capital One Platinum MasterCard?

There are 2 ways to apply for the card depending on your level of convenience which are via phone at 1-866-927-5833 OR by applying online at the Capital One Platinum Mastercard application site.  The online site is very easy to use for most people and offers a quick instant decision that only takes approximately 60 seconds after you complete the online application.  Once you’ve been approved your card will be immediately shipped to your mailing address.

When visiting the online application site you will need to find your Reservation Number and Access Code which are highlighted on your pre-approval letter.  This information is needed on the homepage of the application site which begins the process.  This information identifies you and informs Capital One that you meet their initial criteria which will help you get approved fast.

Capital One Platinum MasterCard Perks?

  • No annual fee
  • 0% introductory APR on purchases until January 2017
  • Mobile app for better card management
  • After first 5 on-time monthly payments you’ll receive a higher credit limit
  • $0 Fraud Liability for a lost or stolen card

To get started with the short online application visit or for those who want to apply via phone call 1-866-927-5833.

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