– Pay Jeff Davis Electric Co-op

Jeff Davis Electric Co-op customers can utilize the online Customer Portal and make a payment on their account.  The customer portal allows customers to also review their billing history, payment history, apply for service online, create alerts, and more.  It is an online resource for customers to login and review their account without having to depend on a billing statement to arrive in the mail.  With a username and password customers can always have access to their account information 24 hours a day and also on the go with their mobile devices.

Customers can monitor their billing account online by visiting (  There are 5 tabs at the top of the screen that they can choose from which all serve a certain function, the tabs are (Payment, My Account, My Usage, My Alerts, and Services).  Customers will need to login to their account to utilize these features which requires users to enter their account number/user ID and password.  Your account number is located on your paper billing statement.

After logging in the 5 tabs become functional and are available for use.  When making a payment customers can elect to pay by credit card or bank draft.  Their credit card and bank account information can be stored inside their account profile and used for when it’s time to make a payment.  Your bank account number and bank routing number are stored in your profile including your credit card numbers.  Each payment that is made is recorded in the payment history which allows users the option to review their past payments.

Customers can also review their billing history online.  Each billing statement is recorded in your online history for customers to have available for reviewing.  Current billing cycles are displayed inside your account which reduces the need to receive a paper billing statement in the mail.  Your billing statement can be received electronically by simply logging in to your account.  

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