– Flixbarn Reviews Is it a Scam or Legit

Streaming video content online is the way of the future and many people are enjoying the option to watch all of their favorite TV shows and movies online.  More and more video content sites are popping up with a new site that was recently released called Flixbarn. has a membership program that houses over 1300 movies and premium content for their members to enjoy.

How does Flixbarn work?  Like most other video content sites customers will need to register or sign up to be a member of the site.  The first 5 days of membership are free and customers will receive unlimited access to all of their streaming content.  After the 5 day trial period is over customers will automatically be signed up for their subscription service which is $49.95 per month.

Like Netflix members can watch movies and TV shows without the annoyance of commercials or ads.  The site has a growing collection of movies which new content is being added daily.  Members can view this content from their desktop, laptop, TV, tablet, or smartphone by simply accessing the site via their web browser at the link membership link at (

Customers who sign up for the service should know in advance that Flixbarn doesn’t have a refund policy but instead you can cancel the service and not be charged again.  If you don’t enjoy the service during the 5 day free trial simply cancel it prior to the last day of the trial period and you won’t be charged the $49.95 fee.

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  • Whoa 50 bucks my Netflix is 8 bucks a month absolute no brainer here, flixbarn would have to offer everything from Netflix and Hulu and amazon and more to be worth it !!!!!

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