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If you’re looking for an alternative to Netflix there’s a brand new streaming service that is looking to get your business.  The new service is called Flixshed.  It is offering new customers similar services to Netflix including watching your favorite TV shows and movies online.  The site boasts over 1300 movies in its online catalog along with premium content with a wide range of TV shows.  All of this media content can be watched through their services on most devices including your TV, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, mobile devices, etc.

Curious customers can take advantage of a free trial membership that will allow you to try out their service for 5 days no charge.  The free trial which is available at ( allows customers full access to all their premium services which is access to their entire inventory of movies and TV shows.  After the 5 day period if you don’t cancel the service you will be automatically enrolled into their premium monthly membership which has a fee of $49.95.  So you have 5 days to enjoy this free service before being charged.

To begin using Flixshed you will need to signup for the service including your name, creating your login credentials, entering in your payment details, selecting the type of membership you’re interested in, and the last step is the validation process.  After you’ve completing registering for the site you can begin using the site by logging in with the username and password you created.

Inside Flixshed you will notice that all of their movies and shows are categorized, in a similar fashion as Netflix, so just browse the category sections and pick the movie you want to watch.  There are a variety of high definition movies available for members to watch.  When watching a movie users can utilize the pause, rewind, fast forward, or re-watch features.

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