– Access Bank of Oklahoma Mortgage Online

Bank of Oklahoma customers with a mortgage account can access their account information via the internet using Bank of Oklahoma’s Mortgage Online web portal.  The site allows users to enter their username and password to login and view their personal mortgage details.  All of the information that you would normally see on a monthly billing statement is available for display through your online account.

Mortgage Online is available for bank customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week to login and make payments.  Users can sign on to their account by visiting (  First-time users will need to go through the enrollment process by clicking the New User Enrollment link.  When enrolling you will need to enter your mortgage loan number and social security number as part of the process.

After you’ve completed enrollment users will be able to login to their account and make one-time manual payments from inside.  Payments can be electronically debited from your personal checking account by saving your account details (routing number and account number) in the profile section.  There is also a recurring monthly payment option that will automatically debit your checking account for your mortgage payment when your payment due date approaches.

Other benefits of using Mortgage Online is the site is free.  There are no charges incurred for making payments and whenever you login your mortgage balance is available for you to see.  You can also see your payment history and payoff amount.  Users can login to their account from any mobile device that has internet connectivity.  While on the go you can review your account and even submit a payment from your smartphone.

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