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Customers with an auto loan through DriveTime can access their loan information and make online payments at  The old site that customers used to make payments online was but there has been a name change to Bridgecrest DriveTime and the old online destination to make a payment has changed.

MyAccount Bridgecrest

At MyAccount Bridgecrest customers can register for an online account and access their loan information.  The site is available for customers to utilize 24 hours a day 7 days a week including via mobile devices, their home computers, and smartphones.  As long as the user has already established their login credentials they can access their account from any device that has internet service and a web browser.

The site has information on how to submit your monthly car payment which can be done without registering for an online account.  There are other methods of paying which are identified at MyAccount Bridgecrest.

Users that need to speak with someone in Customer Service can click on the “Contact Us” link at the top of the homepage.  You will be directed to a form you’ll need to complete requiring your name, phone number, email address, account number, identify if you’re leasing or have a loan, and type in your question.  You can expect a response back within 24-48 hours or visitors can call 1-800-967-8526 for immediate attention.

Bridgecrest Drivetime Login

First-time users of the Bridgecrest Drivetime will need to register for an online account.  Select “Create an Account” under the “Login Now” button on the homepage.  The next step is your auto loan account needs to be synced with the online service.  Users can either do a search for their account using their account number or by using their social security number.

To search by your account number enter your 12 digit account number and the last digits of your social security number.  To search by your social security number users will need to enter their complete social security number and their date of birth.  The last step is to create your login credentials (username and password).  Once you complete the online registration you can begin logging in to your account.

Inside your account users can view their payment history, payment due dates, update their profile information, communicate with Customer Service, view their scheduled payoff amount, etc.

Bridgecrest Make a Payment

There are several options for customers to submit their monthly Bridgecrest DriveTime payment.  The easiest and most convenient way for users to pay their car payment is via their online account.  After your account is setup you can utilize the AutoPay feature that allows your payment to be made automatically each month on a certain day.

The AutoPay feature is the recommended way to pay your Bridgecrest payment but you will need to make sure your personal checking account which you’ll setup for electronic debiting of your payment is funded with your payment amount each month.  This method of paying is free and you’ll never have to deal with forgetting your payment date or incurring late fees.

Customers with an account don’t have to use the AutoPay feature but can instead manually make their Bridgecrest payment on the scheduled payment date each month.  They can use their checking or savings account as a payment option and it’s still a free service.

If you are interested in paying by credit card customers can utilize the Western Union SpeedPay payment option which is quick and fast but there is an additional $3.95 fee for using the service.  You will be directed to Western Union’s pay site.  Consider registering and logging in to your account at which is a much more convenient way to pay your bill.

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