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Infiniti customers looking to make an auto loan payment online can visit the Billmatrix automated payment system for Infiniti Financial Services. The site allows users to submit a one-time payment using credit card or electronic debit from their checking or savings account. There is a fee for using Billmatrix which is $12.95 for Discover credit card payments and $5.00 for electronic check/debit card payments.

Customers can make an IFS online payment through Billmatrix by visiting ( When completing the online payment form users will need to enter their IFS account number along with zip code and phone number. The next step is to select your payment type (credit card, debit, electronic check) and enter the payment amount. The last step is to review and confirm your payment.

Users should consider when making a payment through the Billmatrix payment service all payments posted prior to 4 pm Central standard time will be posted to their account the same day while payments made after 4pm including weekends and holidays will post to your account the following business day.

Infiniti customers can save money on Billmatrix fees by signing up for an online account at the Infiniti Finance Service website. The site allows customers to create an account and submit their payments free of charge from inside their account. There is also an option to setup recurring monthly payments which is an automatic payment feature for users. Payments can be setup for automatic payment on a certain day each month

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