– Pay Your PNC Mortgage Online

Customers of PNC with a mortgage account can access their account information online at the PNC My Mortgage Access.  My Mortgage Access is a secure site that users can simply enter in their User Name and Password to login to from their home computer or mobile devices.  All of their loan information is available for review including their statements, tax information, transaction history, payment history, and more.  Customers can access the site 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

For customers who are new to the site they can register for first-time use at (  At the bottom of the site there is a Register link that new users will need to complete.  You will need to create your account user name and password while also entering in your loan number, social security number, and create security question/answers.  The security questions are needed just in case you forget your login info you will be asked the security questions that you created for verification.

Some of the benefits of utilizing My Mortgage Access is you can access your account information while on the go.  Customers can login to their account via their smartphone or mobile device to review their account or make electronic payments.  Making payments online through your account is easy to do and involves no fees.  It is a free service for customers.

Customers can utilize the alert features inside their account.  The alert feature is a great way to manage your account as you will receive notifications alerting you to when your payment is due, your balance, account activity changes, etc.  You can login to your account and check out the different ways the alert feature can be beneficial to you.

Perhaps the most common use of My Mortgage Access is paying your mortgage.  Customers can make their monthly mortgage payment inside their account by having it electronically drafted from their checking account.  This can be done manually or users can setup automatic payments.

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