– PNC Bank Payment Options Center

PNC Bank customers can utilize the PNC Bank Payment Options Center as a resource for discovering other payment options that are available to them regarding their account.  Customers that have mortgage, home equity loans, lines of credit, or unsecured credit cards can access the Payment Options Center and look up their specific account to see what particular payment options the system has available for recommendation.

The recommendations or payment options offered on the site have certain criteria that must be met so customers will need to qualify and be approved by that individual service.  The PNC BPO Center is basically a resource for customers that can direct them to other sites that will provide further assistance.  Depending on your financial situation you may be directed to services like Consumer Credit Counseling, Making Home Affordable, US Department of Housing and Urban Development, etc.

To get started with using PNC BPO customers will need to visit ( and login to the site with your login information.  The site will ask for your primary or secondary accountholder’s/borrowers account details.  Specifically you will need to enter the last 4 digits of your account number, last 4 digits of your social security number, billing zip code, and date of birth.  After you’ve entered this information your account will be available for display.

Customers who may need further assistance beyond the information offered on this site will need to speak with an Account Specialist during regular hours of operation. There is a list of phone numbers available on the Payment Options website for customers to utilize to find the appropriate number to call.

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