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The ePaystubPlus web portal is an online service that allows company employees to login and view their paystub information including W-2 details.  The site is convenient for employees as they can monitor their hours worked, weekly/bi-weekly earnings, deductions, tax information, and more by simply logging on to the site.  Employees can easily view their past pay statements by pay period if they have questions or issues about their pay.

ePaystubPLUS is easy to use and to access it users need to visit ( and enter their payroll login details.  The site asks for your social security number or User ID, including your date of birth, select the company you work for from the drop down box, and lastly enter your password.  Once you’ve completed the login phase of the site you will be taken inside your payroll account where you can view your payroll file.

Users can view their paystubs per paycycle and if necessary save or print out each stub at their convenience.  When it’s that time of the year for W-2’s to be released to employees instead of waiting for your W-2 to be sent via mail you will be notified when it is available inside your account.  From your account you can print it out and use if for tax filing purposes.

The ePaystubPLUS site is a convenience for not only the employee but employer.  Employers can save money on printing out W-2’s and the postage necessary to mail them out to all of their employees.  The site instead allows them to electronically send them to each employee’s online account and the employee can individually print out their own W-2.  The process is faster as well because as soon as W-2’s are ready to be released to employees they can be instantly available versus depending preparing each one for mailing including mail travel time.

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