– PaychekPLUS Login

PaychekPlus cardholders can access and manage their account information online at via the PaychekPlus web portal.  The site is designed for members to monitor and keep track of their deposits and daily transactions that occur with the use of their pay card.  Users that have a PaychekPLUS, Paychek Plus Signature MasterCard, or Dollar Direct card have access to the online portal.  With the card users can have their employer paycheck or tax refund deposited onto their card.

Paychekplus Activation

New cardholders of a Paychekplus Signature MasterCard can start using their card by first activating it at  At the site select “First Time Login” then follow the online instructions to properly setup your account.  You will need to enter your new card number start the process so have it handy.  If you would like assistance activating your card please refer to Customer Service at the number printed on the back of your card.

Paychekplus Login

Once money is deposited onto the card it can be used like a regular credit card for making purchases anywhere that accepts MasterCard.  To check your balance and account information from your home computer or mobile devices users will need to visit Paychekplus My AccountAt the site you will need to enter your User ID or Account number along with your password.  First time users of the site will need go through the registration process by clicking on the First Time Login link on the homepage.

After signing up and creating your login credentials you’ll have access to all of your account info 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Inside your account you can view your recent and past transactions including deposits.  Your PaychekPlus login account operates very similar to any other online credit card account that you may have.  The same type of information is available for you to see.

Paychekplus Benefits

The site is free to use including some of their features such as text alerts and online statements.  Text alerts are handy for any cardholder that wants to receive notifications about their account activity such as a low balance to remind them to fund their card.  If you want to constantly monitor your account balance without having to login every day you can utilize the text alert feature that will send your balance to your smartphone via text.

With online statements there is no need for users to rely on paper statements to be mailed out every month to give them an account update.  Frequent logging in to the PaychekPlus portal and reviewing your account details will keep cardholders abreast of their account activity.  Cardholders also have the privilege of earning cash back rewards.  For certain purchases cash back rewards are earned and the total accrued rewards dollars will display inside your account.

Once you’ve activated your PaychekPLUS Signature MasterCard it will always be available for you to deposit money on it as long as you desire to have it.  If you switch jobs you will be able to continue using the card and having your paychecks deposited on it and utilizing to manage your account.

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