– Target REDperks Rewards Program

Target shoppers can take advantage of Target’s new rewards program called Target REDperks.  Every purchase a customer makes affords the customer rewards points and discounts.  For every dollar spent a customer earns 10 points and when 5000 points are reached customers will receive a 5% discount.  Those two perks are not all-inclusive as there are additional offers made to participants of the program.  Customers can participate in the rewards program by downloading the REDperks app to their phone from the Apple Store or Google Play.  

The downside of the REDperks program is it is only offered in certain cities.  It’s in it’s beginning stages as a beta program but when it becomes available in your city you can be notified by visiting ( and clicking “request beta access.”  You will need to enter your name, zip code, type phone you will use to download the REDperks app, and enter your account email address.  If you don’t have a Target online account simply open one so you can complete the online REDperks application.  

For Target customers who are able to participate in the program due to it being offered in your area it’s real simple to start earning points and taking advantage of points accruals and discounts.  The main idea to remember is whenever you make a purchase at Target using your REDperks app you will add 10 points to your running total of points.  The app has a barcode that you’ll scan at checkout which credits your account when purchases are made.  Just don’t forget to pull out your smartphone and have it scanned during checkout.  When shopping online at you need to be logged in to your account to earn points on purchases.

Customers need to understand that points cannot be earned on purchases at Target subsidiaries or partner businesses including Target Optical or Target Clinical.   Once a customer has reached the 5,000 point plateau they will be sent a Target REDperks certificate entitling them to 5% savings on shopping.  

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