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Insight Visa Prepaid Debit Card customers can get more from their card by utilizing the Insight Cardholder Portal.  The secure portal allows cardholders access to their account online and view their account balance, recent/past transactions, make changes to their account profile, receive text/email alerts, and more.  The online portal is easy to use allowing cardholders access to their account via internet 24 hours a day.

First-time users of the site will register at the portal page located at (  Users will need to click the “Sign up” link to be directed to the online registration which requires your email address, password, card number, card expiration date, and postal code.  Once you’ve completed the enrollment you will have access to your online account.

Other features that the online service allows is online bill pay.  Cardholders can pay bills directly from their account including their rent, utilities, or other monthly bills.  Bills can be paid on a one-time basis or setup recurring payments that allows payments to be deducted on a certain day each month.  All your payments are tracked inside your account so you can view the history of all your payments.

To better manage your account Insight Alerts is a great tool that will send notifications via email or text of your account activity.  You will always know what your account balance is using this feature.  Users can also take advantage of the Insight Card Mobile app that is available for smartphone download.  Also if you have setup direct deposit with your current employer if you leave and go to a new employer you can setup direct deposit with your Insight card there too.  The direct deposit form can be found inside your account.

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