– Check Your Card Balance Online

Metabank prepaid cardholders can access their debit card balance and manage their account easily by utilizing the MyPrepaidBalance website.  The site is secure to use and is available for cardholders 24 hours a day.  There are multiple features integrated with each account allowing users to do more than just check their balance.  Users can sign up for an account or simply input their card number details on the homepage and just check their balance.

To sign up for an account cardholders will need to visit (  Users will need to select the Create an Account button and complete the online registration which basically consists of entering your email address, creating a password, establishing your security question including answer, and adding your debit card info.  Once this information has been entered you will have access to your online account.

Cardholders that utilize the online service will have access to their balance and all of their recent and past transactions available for review each time they login.  Users can also setup direct deposit from inside their account which is a free service.  If a user has multiple debit cards they want to monitor they can add those cards to their account and check them all without having to enter in each account number.

Lastly cardholders also have the option to download the My Prepaid App that even more simplifies having access to their account information.  Without having to login to their account from a web browser the same information is available by the mobile app which is just a click away.

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