– Sign In to Blackboard Connect

Authorized Blackboard Connect users can login to their personal account online by visiting the Black Board Connect Sign In page.  Through the use of the site users are able to send outreach or emergency messages to their community via the online service.  There are various types of messages that can be sent from inside your account including text, social media, voice, RSS, and more.

To get started with sending your message visit the login page at (  If you’re signed up for the program you should already have your Username and password.  If it’s been a long time since you’ve logged in and you’ve forgotten your login credentials use the self-help forgotten username and password options.  Once signed on to the site users will be at the dashboard page of the site and can select the type of message they want to send out.

Users can also utilize the Blackboard app that can be downloaded to your smartphone which will allow you direct access to your online account without having to use your web browser.  All of the same functionality is available to smartphone app users including sending out and receiving messages while on the go.

First time users of the site will find it easy to navigate inside their account.  All of the different types of message types are explained in detail so you’ll know what you’re sending and how it will look.  There are different message templates to choose from to give your messages a certain appeal so they will be easily opened and read.

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