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Florida job seekers registered with Employ Florida Marketplace can search for available online job opportunities through their online account by visiting (  At the site members can use their login credentials to sign on while visitors can try out the Employ Florida Marketplace by using the Guest Access feature OR by registering for full access through the account creation option.

The Employ Florida Marketplace for many job seekers is their main portal to searching for local job openings within their city.  The site is a one-stop online resource for candidates to search for jobs that are listed every day from employers including learning about education and training opportunities that exist within their community.  There are featured programs for veterans as well as the youth to prepare them for the job market.

One of the first tasks that is necessary to help candidates find a job when they login at ( is assistance with creating their resume.  There is a resume builder already installed to assist users with creating and saving their resume inside their account profile.  Once your account has been setup you can then begin browsing through the job listings of any city or county you desire to look for work.

To further assist members with finding a job there is a job match feature that will send users notifications of jobs that match their skillsets.  The jobs that you will be sent are based on your employment history, jobs in related occupations, or current job openings that need your skills.  These jobs will be sent to your email address that you have on file so you can receive notifications.

If you need to receive additional training to receive specific skills in the Current Events section of Employ Florida you will find ongoing workshops with dates and times for you to attend and receive free training.  Job Fair information is also listed on the site for visitors to be aware of when and where the next big job fair is taking place.

There are a lot of resources that visitors and website members will find useful on the Employ Florida Marketplace.  Get started today by visiting the login page at (

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