– Panera Bread Gift Card Balance

Panera Bread is a favorite restaurant for many people and a suitable gift to give someone that is a frequent customer is a Panera Bread Gift Card.  These cards are great to have and use in replace of paying cash for your meals.  Cardholders can always reload money onto the cards conveniently online or inside the restaurant.  Another great perk with the card is they never expire which means you can continue using them.

How to Check Your Panera Bread Gift Card Balance?

Customers can always check their gift card balance by visiting (  At the site you will need to enter your 19 digit gift card number that is found on the back of your card.  After this information has been entered your card balance will display.

At the same site users can also add funds to their card by clicking the “Reload Your Card” link.  There are 2 options available for online reloading which are a manual one-time transaction or setting up your card for automatic reloading.  You can use your credit card for funding with either option.  The least amount that can be added to a card is $2 while the maximum is $200.  Funds are available the same day as well.

There are no fees associated with using the online balance check feature and any funds that are stored on the gift card are not charged extra fees either.  Cardholders can check their balance anytime of the day 7 days a week via the check balance site.  It is functional at all times.

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