– Pay Provident Funding Mortgage Online

Borrowers of Provident Funding can utilize the payment services of to make their mortgage payment online.  The site allows users to view and manage their account information through a secure access using their username and password.  Access is available for borrowers through their home computer or any mobile device with a browser and internet access.

Mortgage borrowers can bookmark and login to their account at (  First time users of the site can register via the large “Register” button on the account login page.  When registering you’ll need to enter the following details: create your username and password, email address, loan number, property zip code, and borrowers social security number.  Once this information has been entered your account will be accessible online.

One of the primary purposes of the online access is for borrowers to make instant online payments.  Borrowers can store their personal checking account information inside their account including the bank’s routing number and their checking account number which will be used for paying your mortgage via electronic draft.

The online services feature is a convenience for borrowers especially when it’s time to make a monthly payment.  Typically, borrowers will mail in their payment which can take up to 2 weeks for processing when you consider mail travel time and the processing of your check as it travels through the company.  With online payments there is no delay, payments are processed the same day and make take a couple days before it’s posted to your account.

Another feature with the online services is there is no need to wait for a monthly statement to arrive to inform you of your account status.  With your login credentials you’re able to logon to your account any day of the week and view your payment history, balance, scheduled due date, payoff amount, loan documents, etc.  There is more information available to you online than is offered on your monthly statement.

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