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The JetPay Payroll Employee Self Service web portal is available around the clock for employees to view their paystub information online.  The ESS site has several functions which are important for employees including displaying their past and present paystubs, displaying their salary information, option to print paystubs, option to print W-2’s, make changes to personal contact information, and more.  Through a username and password employees can access their payroll info away from the job using their home computer or mobile devices connected to the internet.

Once logged in to Employee Self Service it is easy to navigate the information inside your account.  There are only 2 tabs at the top of the screen (Home and Info) that users only need to be concerned about when maneuvering throughout their account.  Under the Home tab which is also the Profile section users can select from 4 available tabs (Employee, Pay Info, Notification, and User Account).  Under Employee users can view their basic personal information such as name, employee ID, birthday, address, phone number, and emergency contact.  

Under Pay Info your employment status and tax withholding information (federal and state tax) is available for viewing.  In this section as well you can view your direct deposit information and make changes to your withholding.  In the User Account section users make updates to their email address, password, or security question.  All tax forms are already loaded inside your account so when you need to make updates just select the form and make all of your changes on the screen.  You can add your signature to the form from the screen and have it submitted to your administrator for review and final acceptance.

Employees can access their payroll file online by visiting ( and next entering in their login credentials.  Through the site employees can manage and monitor their own payroll information and make necessary updates.

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