– Register Your Nutribullet Online

Customers who just recently purchased a Nutribullet product can take advantage of the 12 month standard manufacturer’s warranty on their device by simply registering their Nutribullet online.  This should be the first step you take after taking the product out of the box and before plugging it in to the socket to begin using.  Activating your warranty will cover you for any defects there may be with your device just in case you purchased it with unknown issues.

To get started with completing the warranty registration on your Nutribullet users should complete the online registration form located at (  At the site you will need to enter your name, email address, telephone number, Nutribullet serial number, retailer name you purchased the product from, and the actual model of the product.

After completing the simple online form your Nutribullet warranty will be activated and your device will be covered of any defects.  With your name and product information logged into the system if you do experience a problem with your device within the next 12 months when you file a claim your warranty information will confirm your device is covered.

Product owners should understand that normal wear and tear of their Nutribullet is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.  The warranty also does not cover personal damage to your device due to neglect, overuse, misuse, etc.  Legitimate issues with your Nutribullet that are covered under the warranty will result in your product being repaired by the company or replaced.

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