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Customers of Saks Fifth Avenue who are planning to make a purchase from Sak’s online site or who may have recently made a purchase can monitor their transactions online by creating an online account.  Having an online account provides customers with several benefits especially for repeat customers who frequently make purchases.  They can enjoy faster checkout because all of their information is already on file in their account.  Their purchases can be viewed inside their account and when their items have been shipped they can track their package online as well.  Additionally customers who participate in the rewards program will have access to all of their earned points by simply logging in to their account.  

If you are interested in creating an online account with Sak’s and see the benefit in doing so visit (  The first step is to select “Create an Account” and from there you will need to complete the online registration form which consists of entering your name, email address, create a password, and signing up for email literature from the company.  After you’ve completed the process you will be able to enter your email address and password on the homepage to sign on to your account.  

Having an online account allows customers to store their shipping and billing information which assists with faster checkout.  They can also include their payment information in the form of their credit card number or personal bank information for electronic drafting.  By creating an online account customers will have access to their Saks account via their home computer anytime of the day.  They just need to enter their login credentials and instantly all of their account information is available for them to see.

So, if you enjoy shopping at Sak’s online having an active account makes purchasing items a breeze.  

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