illuMask Acne Light Therapy Mask

A new product people are using to fight acne is the illuMask Acne Light Therapy Mask.  It is a totally different approach to treating acne than most other products in that it does not require using fancy lotions or creams but instead wearing a simple mask that emits ultraviolet light.  The mask is put on in the same manner as a pair of shades, then there’s an ON button, and next the mask is worn 15 minutes a day for best results.

The way the illuMask works is it emits two different types of UV light (blue and red light) which each have specific functions.  The blue light targets acne causing bacteria and kills it helping to reduce current acne problems and prevent further breakouts.  The red light heals redness and inflammation from current acne skin issues to improve your overall appearance.  Both UV lights work together during the 15 minute span of time you’re wearing the mask.  At the end of the 15 minute time period the mask will automatically shut off.

What is interesting about illuMask is each mask comes with a controller which is the real workhorse behind the mask emitting the UV lights.  Each controller is only good for 30 treatments so you will need to be on a continuity plan to continue receiving controllers on a regular basis.  Currently an introductory online offer is extended to new customers allowing them to receive a mask and controller for $39.95 backed by a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.

At the end of the 30 day trial if you are satisfied with the performance of the mask and want to continue receiving controllers then do nothing and be automatically enrolled in the 90 day Auto Ship program.  This program allows you to receive a new shipment of controllers every 90 days at $26.65 per month.  To learn more about how the illuMask works and to order online visit

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  • Can this mask get rid of the red marks on my face that are caused by rosea? I’ll be 50 soon and I’d really like for these to go away. I’ve had them for more than 5 years. I don’t us any mediation or harsh lotion. Will this help me?

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