JEA Ways to Save and Lower Your Energy Bill

During the winter and summer seasons JEA customers usually see an uptick in their energy bill but there are ways customers can cut back on those elevated costs by learning a few tips on how to save money during these peak energy use seasons.  Customers interested in learning some tips on energy conservation can visit and review all of the resources shared at the site.

The Ways to Save site is very user-friendly and is categorized by topics depending on the type of information you are interested in learning.  Below is a breakdown of some of the topics shared at the site:

  • Home Energy Evaluation Kit Backpack Program – these kits are available at any Jacksonville Public Library which show JEA customers tips on how to lower their monthly energy bill
  • Savings Coach – Television show that airs on Sunday mornings at 11:30am on CW17 – JEA representative shares tips and valuable information
  • Savings by Room – How renovating your rooms or making upgrades can save you money
  • Whole House – Renovating your home with the right insulation to keep your home as energy efficient as possible.
  • Efficiency Evaluations – Do-It-Yourself Home Energy and Water Evaluation Kit
  • Energy and Water IQ – Learn more about your energy usage technically including understanding your bill and energy terms

These are just a few energy saving topics that are discussed on the JEA Ways to Save webpage.  If you are interested in having a specialist come to your home and provide an in-person review of your home’s energy efficiency you can call JEA and schedule a home visit.  The visit would be very helpful and they can personally explain how your home can be improved to help you save money in the end.



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