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The online company network for Johnson and Johnson employees can be accessed by visiting the My Apps web portal at  Employees will need their login information which includes their company email address or username or World Wide Identifier, along with their password.  Once the right login details are inputted employees can safely access their account and the company network.

Myapps JNJ

For employees who may be having difficulties logging on to the system they can refer to the Help and Support link on the right side of the web portal page.  There will be instructions and a brief troubleshooting guide that may assist you in logging in.  Depending on what area of the world you live there are phone numbers and email addresses listed which you can contact to get immediate assistance.

Other employees who may have simply forgotten a part of their login details such as their username or password they can simply refer to the Forgot Password link and have it reset.  There is a process to having your password reset which requires you at least knowing what your username is afterwards you will be asked a series of challenge questions.  These questions were established by you when you first registered for your employee account.

JnJ Employees Info

JnJ employees can also access other company services by visiting the employee benefits page located at  The page lists company resources such as benefits through Benefits Resources, Wellness through My eHealth, and retirement benefits through Retiree Connection.  Here is a brief overview and a link to each Johnson and Johnson employee benefit.

Benefits Resources:  The site offers employees access to their personal health benefits info and any transactions taken place.

My eHealth:  My eHealth is a wellness program provide by Johnson and Johnson to assist employees with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Retiree Connection:  This site is for employees that have retired and it provides them access to their benefits and information.

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